Aya Benkial is a young content creator, and editor originally from Libya. 

Growing up between Egypt and Libya, Aya was able to forge her own aesthetic incorporating middle-eastern elements to her work.

It is through tradition and a little suppression that the artist felt inspired to go beyond her limits not physically but mentally instead. 

Growing up in such countries where many subjects and behavior remain taboo, the Libyan artist focused on creating a world of her own where imagination and creativity were her means of expression and freedom. 


Aya has now migrated to Europe, discovering for the first time western culture. It is through the lens of her camera that she is able to romantically capture and identify elements that often remained unnoticed to the accustomed. 

Her art of observing allows the artist to make the audience feel part of her journey, discovering through her eyes a world that was still unknown to her. 


While exploring her work you might also notice some details that have escaped your mind. Whether it is the angle of a building, or just capturing society, you might find yourself sensibly discovering details and understanding the romanticism of the artist itself.